At a time when new players are entering the private equity market, PROFIT.enterprises positions itself as a game-changer for early-stage deals. In contrast to outdated “gut feel” manual methods of sourcing and screening startups, PROFIT relies on data-driven approaches and easy-to-use algorithmic tools. Thus, PROFIT helps investors to uncover hidden business opportunities to invest in, including intangibles, and makes startups fit for funding, generating trustworthy and comprehensive information.

In the contemporary knowledge economy, the lack of predictability of early-stage ventures’ success is compounded by the proliferation of startups and shift in investments to intangible assets. Investing in startups has been challenging as investors have struggled to sort wheat from chaff. They still use manual methods for collecting and processing input data. Furthermore, their output data was insufficiently reliable for well-weighted decision-making – trash in, trash out. Nowadays, technology creates new opportunities to collect, keep, and process data in association with new rules of the private equity market. 

The proverb says, “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” With this in mind, the idea of the PROFIT.enterprises platform was born. The essence of the idea is employing data intelligence to deliver thoroughly curated information, helping investors answer key questions about targeted startups. PROFIT gear up startup teams to generate information for a data-driven Dossier – a universal repository of necessary for funding information. 

To collect data, process and analyse it, getting startups fit for funding, founders use a Robo-Fitness Validator– a set of algorithms, templates, and data visualisation tools. To stay on track with ongoing changes in equity funding, startups have to pass a Funding Roadmap that comprises key points of the funding journey from a market entry to an exit event. All things considered, it is summarised in a Booster Card, demonstrating both the strong and weak points of the journey to investors. Thus, sophisticated investors and inspiring founders can build profitable business windmills together. 

Our mission as an investment partner is to help investors to discover potentially profitable startups, and make sourcing and screening seamlessly. Significantly, the startups targeted by our partners get a unique opportunity for an effective preparation for funding. 



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