is a registered Australian trademark No 1949116

Two VC industry veterans have helped startups commercialise their technology solutions during a time when business plans were understood as universal tools for new enterprises funding. We found that founders lack the data needed to plan, while some of them don’t know what business they’re in. Worst of all, many of them did not know what profit is.

With this in mind, the PROFIT.enterprises platform was born. In essence, it’s about making startups fundable and giving investors trustworthy information about potential business opportunities. Due to attention to intangibles, PROFIT-led startups can generate more revenue without significantly increasing costs, scale up quickly, and move globally easily.

PROFIT equips startups with a data-driven Dossier – an all-in-one repository of funding-related information. To collect, process, and analyze data, founders use Robo-Fitness Validator – a set of algorithms, templates, and data visualisation tools. In order to stay on track with investors’ requirements, startups must pass a Funding Roadmap that includes key points of a funding journey from market entry to the exit event.

With PROFIT, investors and startups can work together to build profitable and scalable  by eliminating information asymmetry and mistrust. And we use PROFIT as our logo and trademark.