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Discover previously overlooked potentially profitable and scalable technology startups with PROFIT!

Due to the economic downturn, investors must inevitably become more selective and cautious:

It’s time to switch from gut feeling to data-driven screening, and unleash the power of intangibles that carry extra investment value


is a technology platform that focuses on making early-stage startups fit for funding


aims to be a one-stop data intelligence partner for investors looking for attractive business opportunities


offers prospects of intangible-intensive business models that can generate more revenues without significantly increasing costs


PROFIT’s Advantages:

While the main part of PROFIT functionality is web-based, the PROFIT app (PWA) supports quick access to PPOFITomixes – a visual news format, comprising real problems and disruptive solutions, know-how, and practical business hints.

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  1. Investment in Intangibles: A Formula of Success
  2. Data intelligence for Deal Sourcing & Screening
  3. Robo-Fitness Validator: Get Fit for Funding
  4. Boosting Private Equity Investment

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