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If you’re a founder of an early-stage technology startup, and you’re looking for funding, take into consideration the current funding landscape: is a technology platform that is focused on the preparation of early-stage startups to deal with investors. Startups can use the platform to get fit for funding and show investors attractive business opportunities. PROFIT aims to be a one-stop data service for startup founders looking for funding.

Show extra investment value and scalability potential

Platform functionality lets you gather/extract all necessary data, and process it into meaningful information employing PROFIT algorithms to go through every step of the funding roadmap.


PROFIT advantages

The PROFIT platform is significantly different from existing in the market thanks to:

I. Data-Driven Dossier

The data-driven Dossier that keeps you abreast of current and upcoming changes, boosting your startup’s visibility for investors.

II. Fitness Validator

The Fitness Validator, a self-learning modular system to build an MVP and substantiate the startup’s prospective profitability.

III. Funding Roadmap

The Funding Roadmap with special attention to intangible assets, representing up to 90% of startups’ equity value, and creating a potential for scalability.

While the main part of PROFIT functionality is web-based, the PROFIT app (PWA) supports quick access to PPOFITomixes – a new visual news format, comprising real problems and disruptive solutions, know-how, and practical business hints.

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