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If you’re a founder of an early-stage technology startup, and you’re looking for funding, your main challenge is a lack of quality data. To rightly present your startup you need a comprehensive dossier, comprising all funding-related information. Then again, don’t delude yourself with a hastily assembled pitch deck. The deck is the tip of the funding iceberg. Located below the surface trustworthy information in the dossier allows you to pass the sanity check and due diligence.

Furthermore, there are new traits of the funding landscape to take into account: guides you through the four key areas of actual concern for investors:

I. Market Entry & Opportunities

II. Market Situation

III. Startup Profitability

IV. Scalability & Exit Prospects

Investor & Founder gate

Using a Funding Roadmap, you will confidently navigate your funding journey through 12 key points. Get into shape for funding with PROFIT tools that reinforce your intellect:

  • The data-driven Dossier is a repository that contains all-purpose information about funding for your startup.
  • The Robo-Fitness Validator is a set of algorithms and visualisation tools that works by collecting and processing data, indicating your path to profitability while protecting investments.
  • The Intangible valuation demonstrates how your team applies a business model and exploits spillovers for profit.
  • A just-in-time financing request that determines how much funding is required to avoid a subsequent dilution.
  • Exit scenarios tailored to your preference for certain types of funding.
  • The Funding Roadmap highlights the strong and weak points of your funding journey.

Through a well-defined process, PROFIT transforms input data into quality information for decision-making. As you shape your funding funnel, you will go from a brief presentation card to a full pitch deck and to follow-up information for due diligence.

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